Store windows or shop windows are parts of stores used primarily to convince people to enter the store.

However, they have different functions:

  1. Notify about promotions/sales inside the store
  2. Display and emphasize certain, often new, products
  3. Showcase the current fashion trends with products that can be found in the store
  4. Offer a glimpse of the in-store environment and experience
  5. Raise brand awareness

Visual merchandisers design and implement store windows but how do we measure their effectiveness?
Let's have a look at how the Monolith Actionboard can help us estimate this.

Capture factor

If a store windows main purpose is to attract people to enter the store the ideal metric we need to look at is capture factor.
Capture factor is obtained by dividing the number of persons who passed by our store (passers-by) with the number of persons who entered our store.

Let's have a look at how our flagship fleet is performing in terms of capture factors and people passing by the store.

From the AIM it is immediately visible which stores have the most effective store windows and which ones are in need of a redesign.

Chicago has a low capture factor but high potential. This is a big unrealized opportunity.
Let's design and implement a new store window and use the Actionboard to see how it affected revenue and capture factor of the store.

Revenue and capture factor have increased, the redesign was a success!
Now is the time to record the change in the Knowledge Center.

Organizations use the Knowledge Center as a centralized repository of recorded changes and learnings to easily share information between departments and to have a historical record for further reference.

Often, in our store windows, we display products. It is natural to assume that this will have an effect on the sales and engagement with these products inside the store.
Let's create an action with a specific focus on a new model of Converse shoes we displayed at the center of our store window.

With rich granular data available on all levels: fleet, store, zone, category, and product, we can pinpoint the most effective store window promotions for boosting those areas which are not performing.

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