Over the past months I’ve been writing on what you can measurewhat you should measure and why you should measure. But how do we actually get insights out of all these measurements? How do we get from data to more shopable stores?

Let me introduce you to the Actionboard.

The Actionboard is platform that provides you with a deep understanding of shopper behavior. It enables you to understand how to attract the right shoppers, engage with them and convert them to life-long customers.

Attract and engage shoppers. Bottom-line impact.

The Actionboard is divided into three sections: ATTRACT, ENGAGE and IMPACT. You can pick and choose which modules are relevant to your business.  ATTRACT allows you to understand whether you’re attracting the right customers. ENGAGE brings a deep understanding of what shoppers are actually doing in the store and IMPACT shows whether your actions improve your bottom line. Learn more.

Next level actionable insights

Actionable** insights. Everyone claims they provide it, few do. How we do it? The key is decision matrices. **Decision matrices function as automated decision making support. Remove your shoe from the wall? Reposition that pink t-shirt? The Actionboard will tell you. We derive these insights by correlating behavioral metrics with your sales results in a smart way.

To give an example: think of correlating dwell time (behavior) with conversion (sales) of your entire fleet. You now have a system to assess staff performance; a store with high dwell time, but low conversion can be an indicator of poor staff performance. The opportunity that was presented to the staff wasn’t seized.

Our most comprehensive insights ever

The new Actionboard provides in-depth zone level insights on dwell time, activity and space usage. Compare behavior against revenues of each zone to optimize customer flow, store lay-out and more. It allows you to make the most out of every squared meter.

Analyze, take action, share

Share best practices, results of your A/B tests and outliers with team members. For instance, as a VM director this might mean you’ve tested 4 different table setups, and found out that one setup beat all. Share your learnings and take your stores to the next level.

**Do you want to learn more about our vision and solution?
**Watch my keynote speech. Or see it in action.